HyperLedger 7


HyperLedger 7 is a Windows-based accounting software specially-tailored made for the needs of the typical small and medium-sized Malaysian businesses.


Product Highlights

  • Very easy to use data entry and editing functions
  • Real-time posting, editing and report generating. No need for month-end or year-end processing.
  • Total integration of major accounting modules (debtors/creditors/general ledgers) and business documents (invoices/receipts/purchase orders/credit notes/debit notes/payment vouchers) and stock control.


Product Features

  • Standard program contains full set accounting modules for trading, service-only and manufacturing types of businesses and also for non-profit organizations. (Optional module available for project-based businesses, such as contractors)
  • Each set of accounts is arranged in a separate ledger. There are virtually no limits as to the total number of ledgers that may be created.
  • Each ledger can have general, debtors' and creditors' ledger accounts together in one place, so there is no need to have control accounts.
  • The following commercial document subsystems are included in the standard program: invoices, credit notes, debit notes, cash bills, purchase orders and receipts. All the commercial document subsystems have support for user-defined output.
  • Stock Control is included in the standard program. Products are stored separately just like accounts, in a separate ledger, and can be linked with accounts ledgers via invoices and purchase orders.
  • The commercial document subsystems may be used to post to account and product ledgers automatically. That means, in theory, it is possible for someone to do up most of the accounts for a small business with little or no accounting knowledge.
  • There are many built-in utilities that may be used to copy and merge both accounts, entries and documents from different ledgers.